Lately it seems that people have tried to mesh Twitter with Facebook.

How, you ask? By doing this: #badday #happy

What do the people who are not using hashtags on Facebook have to say about the fact that others are using them?

Exactly that. The reason behind using hashtags on Twitter such as #COMM3334 when we have tweetchats is to be able to find who else is talking about what you are interested in.

On Facebook, there is no purpose for hashtags, they do absolutely nothing.. or do they?

Facebook, who recently acquired Instagram which uses hashtags in the same way Twitter does, has been rumored to be trying out the hashtag, which would be marketing driven.

People will be able to click on a hashtag to see a variety of posts, much like Twitter, which makes them stay on Facebook longer.

According to #facebook, “PR News did quick polls on both Facebook and Twitter”

The polls asked what PR News‘ followers thought about the transition of hashtags moving from Twitter to Facebook.

From the polls:

60% were against the change, 30% were for it, and 10% didn’t care or see what the big deal was about.

Here are some comments collected from the poll:

“Melanie Gregg: “The only people who use hashtags on Facebook are the people who have no clue what the hashtag is for. It’s absolutely annoying and shows ignorance. I love the concept of the hashtag on Twitter. That’s how I find out who is posting about what. With the privacy options on Facebook, the hashtag makes no sense.”

Kathleen Cameron: “People are using them anyway, so they might as well be built in.”

Miki Pereanu: “Hashtags on Facebook – or what happens when idiots become inspiration for the greater good of marketing.””

In conclusion, the greater population hates the fact that people are trying to move hashtags from Twitter to Facebook.

Do you care? If you don’t, why do you think people get so upset over the smallest things?


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